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Title: Derek Gallimore bio

Derek Gallimore has been in business since the age of 17. He has worked in many sectors including property development and investment, standard brick-and-mortar commerce, the fitness and health industry, and of course web and ecommerce - as everyone seems to be these days.


From the age of 17 Derek Gallimore began his entrepreneurial journey as a personal trainer working for one of the most prestigious gym brands in the world. From the age of 24 Derek acquired his first investment property. For the next 9 years, Derek expanded his property portfolio, while at the same time learning and mastering the finer aspects of property acquisition, finance, development and management

Derek Gallimore is immensely passionate about business, and entrepreneurship. He has experienced the incredible highs of business success, and has also had his fair share of challenges. His biggest challenge to date, was the recent collapse of his London based business in 2016. The company was put into liquidation. This unfortunate outcome was the culmination of 9 years blood, sweat and tears from Derek. Many/most of these 9 years were highly successful for the company, but unfortunately in the end the venture wasn’t viable... This collapse cost Derek Gallimore millions, and even more in heartache and stress. The collapse did leave creditors in its wake and Derek is still living and dealing with this punishing reality.

There’s a saying that “you either ‘win’, or you ‘learn’”. And Derek has learnt an incredible amount from his 20 years in business - from both the wins and the losses.

A life less ordinary
Derek is on a personal journey to live a “life less ordinary”. His path until now, has certainly been the one less travelled.

Derek is about discovering success. What success means exactly is ambiguous and ethereal - and this is all a part of the journey.

Success for Derek, though, does mean (i) freedom - the opportunity to have the opportunity, and (ii) a full life (a life less ordinary).

Current passions of Derek Gallimore

Derek Gallimore is passionate about business, life, health and longevity.

In business, he currently has three foci.

Outsourcing and Outsource Accelerator

Derek is passionate about the opportunity of Outsourcing - for the world. In 2011 Derek discovered the power of Outsourcing when he required a 24/7 staffing solution for his UK company. He found that this was prohibitively expensive in the “West”, so he ventured to the Philippines to explore the option of outsourcing.

Within months he had set up a 24/7 operation in Manila, and was then one of the first in his industry to offer a 24/7 customer service offering

That was the beginning of an incredible journey for Derek in regards to learning about outsourcing and the opportunities it can bring for business owners. The key benefits of outsourcing are (i) cost savings, BUT ALSO, (ii) the increase in innovation, revenues and competitive and strategic advantages, that can be garnered through access to affordable effective and abundant human resources.

Outsourcing to the Philippines changed Derek’s life and his business trajectory. It was highly successful for his business but it also gave Derek a completely different perspective on business.

Derek Gallimore launched Outsource Accelerator in response to the need for more independent information and education on outsourcing. It is his mission to get as many people outsourcing as possible.


Luxury watches and Chronohaus:

Derek Gallimore has been passionate about watches for as long as he can remember. His dad had an older Rolex Oyster perpetual, and this was a catalyst for setting Derek on his journey of watch-enthusiasm.

Derek wants to revolutionise the way that people enjoy and wear watches. He has launched an innovative new company which offers a subscription service for luxury watches. This company is called Chronohaus. The service is currently only available in London, but he is soon expanding into Australasia and Asia. Why buy ONE watch, when you can wear, experience and enjoy 12 incredible models each year! You’re never without a watch with Chronohaus, and you never have the hassle of buying, selling, maintaining, storing and all the mini-complications that owning a watch collection brings.


Keeping Good Company

Loneliness amongst the elderly in the UK is reaching epidemic proportions. There are over 4 million chronically lonely elderly in the UK - and it’s getting worse as technology and geographical distance separates more family units. This should not be the case.

here should be no loneliness in the UK, and especially amongst some of society’s most deserving and most vulnerable.. Derek Gallimore has responded to this need with a phone-based conversation and companionship service - called Keeping Good Company

This phone based service is a highly effective and supremely affordable solution to the loneliness situation facing our community. The service offers not only basic company and companionship - which is so so powerful - but it also offers a range of educational and personal-development curricula, to ensure the development of its clientele.


Life, health and longevity

Derek is super passionate about living a good significant life. He isn’t quite sure what this means exactly yet though…

He is determined to live a good life, and to leave a positive impact on those he is in contact with and on the world in general.

Derek has been into fitness and health since as young as 16 when he started weightlifting at the gym. Weightlifting isn’t the healthiest of sports, but it set him on a path of conscious body and health awareness - which he has been committed to (with tweaks and refinements) ever since. .

Derek is now firmly in the longevity camp. He has an ambition to live a long long and very fulfilling life. He is a convert to the ketogenic diet, and also dabbles in biohacking.

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